Spanish Classes in Toronto

We offer Spanish classes and courses at our school location in Toronto. We have native-speaking instructors ready to help you learn neutral Spanish quickly. We have developed a great curriculum to help you learn fluid Spanish.


Our instructors and native Spanish speakers that focus on teaching neutral Spanish that can be used anywhere in the world. 


Over our years of teaching Spanish we have created a curriculum that allows each individual to excel at their own pace.


Our schedule includes group classes and space for individual classes. We try our best to accommodate our students’ schedules.

Our Classes

Childrens' Classes

We offer childrens' classes from as young as 3 years of age. We teach basic vocabulary and phrases before moving to fluency training. It is best to teach kids while they are young!

Adult Classes

We offer group and individual Spanish classes to adults in Mississauga looking to learn this beautiful language.

Corporate Classes

Mississauga is home to 70+ Fortune 500 companies, and we teach many professionals Spanish to help them get an edge in the workplace and in business.


We offer translation services in person or via email to anyone in Mississauga. Contact us for a quote!


What Levels Are There?

Our curriculum offers two beginner, two intermediate and one advanced level. The levels are designed to keep students in the correct group classes for optimal learning.

Where Are The Teachers From?

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers with perfected English. They come from Columbia, Spain, Uruguay and other South American countries.

How Do I Pay?

You are free to pay in person via cash or cheque, or we can email you an invoice.

Do I need Any EXPERIENCE with Spanish?

Of course not! We will teach you everything from the start if you are new to Spanish!

Interested in Learning Spanish?