Our Courses in Ontario

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Spanish Classes Canada a Spanish teaching program that is based in Ontario,. We offers a way to learn Spanish Quickly with instructors and free resources to help improve your learning.

Our locations in Ontario

We have multiple schools based in Ontario, and offer courses in Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton. We offer courses that are either group, or individual classes, depending on your learning style. Our goal through our different programs is to help you learn how to speak and understand Spanish. The instructors come from countries where Spanish is their first language, so you will be able to learn from someone who spoke the language for many years. Before you enroll in our program we offer a class that will evaluate your level of the language. We will place appropriately in one of our five levels of teaching. While learning we try to make our classes fun, and interesting for our student. This is done to improve the students learning, and overall interest in the classes.

Online Resources

While offering classes, we also offer free resources online to let our students learn more on their own time. These resources range from lessons, to podcasts, to videos. They are on there to make sure that our students can keep learning at all times. These resources range from beginner lessons and resources, to advanced. We recommend that our students look at these resources.

New Students

If you are interested in learning Spanish and live in Ontario, we recommend looking at our website and looking through our online resources. We also invite you to come visit one of our locations, so that you may talk to one of our instructors and see our classes. Lastly, we offer a assessment class, where we will evaluate your Spanish skills, and decide what level to place you in.

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