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If you are interested in picking up a language a little bit faster it’s a good idea to consider a mix of off-line and online learning resources. Mixing together several different learning resources to help with language immersion and lead to improvements with your language learning.

Putting together several different practice techniques for learning and following along with them will help you to pick up the language much faster. Here are some of the best online services that you can use for learning Spanish faster:

Fluent U: Fluent U is a program that takes a series of music videos, movie trailers and talks and turns them into language learning lessons. Every feature involved can help you check out the definition of words in real time with flashcards and vocabulary lists that can pop up on screen as you are undertaking a lesson.

University of Texas: University of Texas has online Spanish proficiency exercises that are organized into various tasks. Their online exercise book creates a series of hypothetical situations and the formation of functional language tasks. You can practice everything such as booking a reservation in a hotel to making a complaint at a restaurant.

Learn practical Spanish online: these lessons mostly concern the ability to listen as you read and mouse over each of the words in the vocabulary for a direct English translation. The process of learning practical Spanish works for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of language learning.

Cervantes: This online learning resource as a series of step-by-step reading activities in a virtual learning Center. You can complete a full reading lesson and then follow it up with text and post-reading questions.

Consider some of these top learning resources if you are interested in using online services for maximizing your potential as a Spanish language learner.

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