An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Adjectives can be descriptive, possessive, interrogative or lastly demonstrative. For the sake of simplicity, we will cover descriptive adjectives below.

Types of Adjectives

There are tow main types of adjective in the Spanish language. Firstly, there is the type that four different possible endings based on the gender of the noun being described. Next, there is the adjective with two possible endings. We have included examples below.

Four Endings:

la casa amarilla (feminine singular)

el coche amarillo (masculine singular)

las casas amarillas (feminine plural)

los coches amarillos (masculine plural)

Two Endings:

la mujer elegante (feminine singular)

las mujeres elegantes (feminine plural)

el hombre elegante (masculine singular)

los hombres elegantes (masculine plural)

From the examples above, you can see that the difference between the endings of amarillo and elegante. This is a distinction that is perfected over time. The general rules are listed below.


  • The plural for adjectives is formed by adding -es if the adjective ends in a stress vowel or consonant. Otherwise only -s is added.
  • Adjectives with four endings always end with -o.
  • Adjectives with two endings always end with -e or a consonant.

Shortened Adjectives

When placed in front of a masculine singular noun, some adjectives have their last vowel or syllable removed. These adjectives are: bueno, malo and grande.

A good man

Un buen hombre

Note: grande loses its ending for both masculine and feminine nouns.

Adjectives Acting as Nouns

Sometimes, an adjective can be used as a noun. Example:

Red is my favorite color.

El rojo es mi color preferido.

In this case, red is being used as a noun. If we described an item as red it would be used as an adjective.


Adjectives are one part of the Spanish language that take time to master. There are other kinds of adjectives as well.

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