Best Books for Teaching Yourself Spanish

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If you are looking for some quality books that you can use to teach yourself Spanish, there are a wealth of opportunities available to you. If you are contemplating the type of books that you should be picking up in order to have the greatest success with learning Spanish, here are some of the best books to consider for references:

The New World Spanish to English dictionary: As a go to translation guide this is a revised edition that can help you with over 1000 pages of words. It’s the perfect way that you can perform direct translations and it sits as one of the number one reference dictionaries available in many online marketplaces. If you have been seeking a quality translation dictionary, this paperback is an excellent resource to bring with you to class.

Spanish verb tenses: this practice book from Everest is one of the best ways that you can learn more about conjugating basic verbs. There’s over 200 exercises in this book and it has an audio content supplement that can help you with improving your Spanish word knowledge as well as using it in real situations.

Easy Spanish step-by-step: this is one of the best workbooks that you can pick up for your first attempt at learning how to speak Spanish. It covers the absolute basics and it assumes that you have zero knowledge of Spanish before reading it. There’s plenty of examples that you can use inside the book to test your knowledge and you can gain a fairly basic proficiency with this book.

Consider any of these top looks if you are interested in speaking Spanish in the future. Each of these books is available in its own electronic format or paperback so there’s plenty of buying options to use.

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